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8 Days Taiwan Island Classic Tour.................** (2017New)

Enjoy a fun vacation with entertainment and food at Taiwan!!! 

Tour highlights:
☆ Non-shopping tour.  No need to pay extra optional expenses
☆ Visit two popular night markets to taste the Taiwan local snacks: Taichung Fengjia Night Market, Chiayi Culture      Road Night Market
☆ Visit three local attractions: Changhua Lugang town, Taichung high beauty wetlands, Sanyi Shengxing station
☆ Visit Taiwan's four well-known attractions: the National Palace Museum, 101 Building (including admission ticket), Sun Moon Lake area,  Alishan Scenic Area
☆ Specially arrange Tainan Guanziling's local mud springs spa and enjoy anti-fatigue.

Specially arrange local delicacy meals:
Recommended Taiwan local restaurants: Din Tai Fung, urn cylinder chicken, Chiayi chicken 
rice, Tainan Tam Zai Mian, Changhua meatball, Taiwan seafood specials

Accommodation Hotel / Guide / Transfer:
* Full 4/5-star luxury hotel  Guaranteed to stay one night at Taipei Grand Hotel
* Pick-up time: 10:00 - 22:00
* Drop-off time: 09:00 / 13:00
  (Guests arriving within 2-3 hours are picked up or dropped off together)
* English, Mandarin professional tour guide provided

Price List

Departure Date: (2017) 8/17, 9/14, 21, 10/12, 19, 
11/2, 9, 16, 30, 12/14   (2018) 3/9, 23

1 Hometown - Taipei
Take a flight bound for Taiwan (Taipei).

2 Taipei
Upon arrival, our professional tour guide will take you to hotel.
Hotel: Tao Garden Hotel or similar

3 Taipei - National Palace Museum - Shihlin Residence - 101 Building - Taichung - Fengjia Night Market (B / L)
【National Palace Museum】 Possession of the world's most priceless Chinese art treasures, is a must-visit tourist attraction in Taiwan.
【Shihlin Residence】 Quiet place surrounded by mountains, both beautiful scenery and convenient location, so it is selected as the "Residence of the President."
【101 Building】 is the tallest building in Taiwan, where you can enjoy a comfortable shopping environment with fun, enjoy the world’s fourth fastest elevator and view the beautiful Taipei city at a glance.
【Fengjia Night Market】 Taiwan's largest tourist night market, known for selections of local and innovative snacks.
Lunch: Ding Tai Fung
Hotel: Howard Plaza Hotel Hsinchu or similar

4 Chung Tai Chan Monastery - Sun Moon Lake National Scenic (cruise) - JiJi Town - Chiayi - Cultural Road Night Market (B / L)
【Chung Tai Chan Monastery】The Monastery looks like a pyramid from outside, with a mixture of both Eastern and Western construction style.
【Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area】It is the only natural lake in Taiwan, surrounded by hills, mountain range. The reflection from the lake makes a beautiful picture.
【Jiji town】In the Qing Dynasty it is a barren land with a very small number of indigenous people. It was a place for material exchange in the past. Now the old buildings and streets in the town give you a good recollection of its cultural heritage.
【Culture Road Night Market】It is one of the most lively streets at Chiayi, with a wide range of shops and authentic snacks.
Lunch: Taiwan chicken pot specialties
Hotel: Grand Earl Hotel or similar

5 Chiayi - Alishan Scenic Area - Tainan - Anping Castle - Anping Old Street - Chikan House - CingYa Hot Spring (B / L / D)
【Alishan Scenic Area】 One of Taiwan's eight scenic spots with cliffs and waterfalls. You can see flowers in spring, relax in summer, watch sunrise in autumn and seas of clouds in winter. 
【Anping castle】It was originally built by the Netherlands. Early Han people called the Dutch people “Red Hair”, and the castle “Red Hair Castle”. Now it has been renamed as Anping castle.
【Chikan House】 Originally built by the Dutch. Currently it is a national monument in Tainan.
【CingYa Hot Spring】is famous for its mud hot springs. In addition to its comfortable and spacious suites with view, there are outdoor mud springs, pool with essential oil, SPA pool, indoor naked mixed hot spring.
Lunch: Chiayi Chicken Rice Special Cuisine / Dinner: Tainan Chikan Tatami noodle specialties
Hotel: Queena Plaza Hotel or similar
*Remarks: If we cannot go to Alishan Scenic Area due to weather or road conditions, we will visit the other areas in Taiwan. No refunds will be made.

6 Tainan - Changhua - Lukang Town - Taichung - Gaomei Wetlands - Miaoli - Shengxing Station - Hsinchu / Taoyuan (B / L / D)
【Lukang Town】It is a small town in the middle of Taiwan with traditional style. It is a popular tour attraction in Changhua. The residents in town are mostly large families; while the buildings in the town are over 100 years.
【Gaomei Wetlands】Rich in natural resources, it is one of the few domestic ducks breeding area in the country. There are more than 120 species of birds in the wetlands, therefore it is an important ecological conservation area.
【Shengxing station】It was originally Taiwan Railway Authority old Taichung line railway station, now it has become a famous tourist attraction in Miaoli County.
Lunch: Features Changhua meatballs / Dinner: Hakka specialties
Hotel: Splendor Hotel Taichung or similar

7 Cihu Scenic Area - Taipei - Free time at the afternoon (B / L)
【Cihu scenic area】In early times, due to military control, the area retains its original condition with rich ecological environment, with special trees and woods.
Lunch: Hai Longzhu seafood meal
Hotel: Grand Hotel Taipei or similar

8 Taipei - Hometown (B)
After breakfast, drop off at airport and take a pleasant flight home.

(The Company reserves the right to alter itineraries, travel arrangements, hotel reservations etc. Tour customers should agree with that.)


Orchard Park Tao Yuen

Splendor Hotel Taichung

Look Royal Hotel

Toong Mao Resorts & Hotels

 Hooyai Hotel Hsichu

Grand Hotel


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Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Ji Ji Town

National Palace Museum

Sun Moon Lake

Lukang Town

101 Tower

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